Artist Statement:

Music is my escape, as it holds a constant presence in my life and has become a defining quality of who I am. This work illustrates the transition between my escape and the unavoidable real world. While listening to music, various sounds and beats transport me away from my boiling, weighted and raw emotions. Regardless of how long the distraction lasts, there is a moment that grounds you, drowning you in the truth of reality. In this piece, the concept of feeling lost in music is conveyed through the fiber’s physical attributes, as it prevents sound from escaping as well as entering in. In contrast, the lightweight and transparent qualities of the sheer fabrics illustrate the weight being lifted.

In the fast paced world of today, many people struggle to find an outlet that relieves stress and anxiety. No matter what that release entails, a person’s escape serves as a vehicle to desert straining thoughts.

As I struggle with my own concerns, my headphones melt away the walls around me, but for how long? What creates an escape and how long can a person reside in this state before facing our raw realities?


Medium: Hand felted wool, acid dyed, MX dyed habotia silk and organza, and hand stiched


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inspiration, ideas and sketches

inspiration, ideas and sketches

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